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email inquires to: Ops@MuscatineArms.com

We can ship and transfer your firearms!  
Featured Firearms
Make: North American Arms
Model: NAA-BWC
Caliber: .22 long .22 Magnum
Vintage: New
Condition: New
Price: $330
Make: Smith and Wesson
Model: 5906
Caliber: 9 MM
Condition: 90%
Price: $500
Make: Smith & Wesson
Model: 5943
Caliber: 9 MM
Condition: 75%
Price: $375
AR-7 Survival Rifle
Make: Henry
Model: AR-7 Survival Rifle
Caliber: .22 Long
Vintage: New
Condition: New
Price: $250
SP22 M3
Make: Walther
Model: SP22 M3
Caliber: 22
Vintage: 2012
Condition: New
Price: $330
PF-9 9mm
Make: KelTec
Model: PF-9 9mm
Vintage: 2012
Condition: New
Price: $275
SP2022 9 mm
Make: SigSaurer
Model: SP2022 9 mm
Vintage: 2012
Condition: New
Price: $480
P-3AT 380 Auto
Make: KelTec
Model: P-3AT 380 Auto
Vintage: 2012
Condition: New
Price: $225
21A Bobcat 22 Inox
Make: Beretta
Model: 21A Bobcat 22 Inox
Vintage: New
Condition: New
Price: $330
3032 Tomcat 32 Auto Inox
Make: Beretta
Model: 3032 Tomcat 32 Auto Inox
Vintage: New
Condition: New
Price: $330
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